What You Can Expect

Personalized Plans: Expect tailor-made fitness and nutrition plans based on thorough diagnostics at LV8 Health
Advanced Analysis: Experience precise strategies with a DEXA scan and RMR analysis, ensuring effective goal achievement
Holistic Approach: Our approach goes beyond traditional methods by incorporating blood tests and medical studies for a comprehensive understanding of your health
Proactive Health: Instead of today’s reactionary stance to medicine we aim to prevent the development of metabolic disturbances, hormonal loss, and chronic disease development
Empowered Choices: Challenge the norm – say goodbye to reliance on insurance and government decisions for your healthcare choices
Cutting-edge Technologies: Partnered with advanced technologies, we focus on preventing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, detecting cancer, and slowing the aging process

Cutting Edge Diagnostics

Areas of Focus

Blood Work & Diagnostics

Advance Diagnostics and and laboratory analysis.

Nutrition & Supplementation

Personalised diet and supplement recommendations to fuel your body.

Exercise & Training

Tailored training recommendations to help you achieve your fitness goals

Sleep & Recovery

Interventions to improve your sleep quality for optimal function.


Guided meditation practices to reduce stress.

Chronic Disease Risk

Targeted interventions around chronic disease risk to improve your healthspan

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Personalized Medicine with Dramatic Results 

Certified providers that deliver fully virtual care and ongoing
support to help you achieve all of your health goals.

Essential Wellness

$500/month or $5,500 annually

What the baseline of healthcare should be. Monthly physician visits, repeat lab work, and unlimited health coaching to help you achieve your goals.

Optimal Vitality

$10,000 annually

A bespoke, and personalized concierge medical experience that optimizes both physical and mental wellbeing so you can excel personally and professionally. Complete with advanced testing, specialized coaches, and more.

Elite Health

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With an emphasis and longevity and preservation fo the mind any body, this experience is meant for those who want to maximize their healthspan and maintain vitality for years to come. You have 24/7 access to your care team, unlimited testing, and other exclusive services.

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